Homecoming Rally raises school spirit in preparation for weekend


Madeline Marshall

Buena varsity cheer hypes up the crowd during the rally.

Madeline Marshall, Editor-in-Chief

To conclude Buena’s Homecoming Spirit Week, Friday, Sept. 23 ASB coordinated a rally to get a final boost of school spirit before the game against Oxnard High School at home. From games to dance-off, each rally got students involved and excited. 

The first rally was held just after third period, and students shuffled to their seats in the bleachers in the gym. Lights on and a flush of music filled the stuffy gym air as ASB rally coordinators Mia Martinez and Naima Dickerson allowed students to settle before starting the big event.

One of the biggest moments for each rally was the reintroduction of the school mascot, Spike! Spike ran around the gym “hyping up” the crowd, and can now be seen at many school events such as games and other spirited events.

The event then transitioned to games. Firstly, there was an obstacle course game where teachers threw three balls in a trash can, got wrapped in toilet paper, then ran a series of obstacles.

The first rally race winner, History teacher Mike Gianelli, was tied as a fan favorite with second placer English teacher Andrew Coates. One of the most memorable moments was Coates taking a bit of a fall as he was wrapped in toilet paper.

The highlight of the rally for me was Mr. Coates falling,

— Kaiah Gilbert

“The highlight of the rally for me was Mr. Coates falling,” senior Kaiah Gilbert said.

Following the staff race was a game of “Red light, Green light” that was run by students who volunteered. The first rally’s winner, senior Alana Miles-Martinez, beat one of her fellow cheerleaders to claim the win.

The difference between the first and second rally was the uproar in energy from the crowd. The immediate change from the first “lights on and no music” rally opener, to the shift of “lights off, flash lights out, music playing” opener of the second rally.

The rally continued with the same format, first the staff race, then “Red light, Green light”. Afterwards, with extra time, the ASB rally coordinators offered a game of musical chairs, which was immediately denied due to the new floors that were put in the gym over the summer.

The rally significantly raised school spirit leading into the homecoming game and dance. This was the first Homecoming rally in the gym since prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I think for the first rally of the year, it went [well],” ASB President Nathan Arthur said. “We did our best, but always plan on improving.”