Adam Nuñez helps students pedal their way to success in the classroom


Madysen Hawley

New English teacher Adam Nuñez takes Buena by storm in the classroom. “He’s changed my perspective [on English],” sophomore Cassie Yarbrough said.

Brooklyn Carrillo, Section Editor

Adam Nuñez is no fish out of water when it comes to teaching English, but he is the new dog on campus. His easy going personality and helpful nature has quickly made him a favorite among his students. 

Before coming to Buena, Nuñez attended University of Southern California after transferring from community college. Doing so was a big change and a challenge, but one he was able to overcome and helped him grow.  During his college years, Nuñez was able to discover and explore his passions more in depth than in high school.

“I was close with my family [so] it was difficult being away and making that adjustment,” Nuñez said. “It taught me to be more independent and discover who [I am].”

After finishing college Nuñez lived in east Los Angeles and taught English, he then moved to Camarillo to teach at the Pleasant Valley school district. Nuñez became an English teacher due to his interest in working with young teens and children and his own love for the subject.

“It is who I am, my natural skills and abilities,” Nuñez said.

I have a mantra: wife, bike, books and [my sons],

— Adam Nuñez

In the classroom Nuñez enjoys watching his students find a book they enjoy or when they are proud of their work. While not every student enjoys English Nunez has helped his students have a better understanding of the subject and even enjoy it at times. 

“He’s changed my perspective [on English], before [him] I hated writing,” sophomore Cassie Yarbrough said. “But he has made it easier to understand.”

Just recently, his class worked on personal narratives, an assignment that is not always so easy to do. Luckily for these students, Nuñez was there to help. 

“He would go through every kid and talk to us, he would help us figure out what we needed to [improve on],” sophomore Elijah Paris said. “It was helpful.”

But just like everyone else, Nuñez does have a full life outside of school. When he is not teaching, he is with his family, riding a bike or reading a book. 

“I have a mantra: wife, bike, books and [my sons],” Nuñez said. 

Biking has a big space in his life, whether as a casual hobby with his family or an official race, it is something he is very dedicated to. Nuñez participated in his first bike race in San Diego, while challenging and one he did not finish first in, it was a moment in his life that he is proud of.

“I was very passionate about [the race] and I finished it,” Nuñez said.

While he is new to Buena, Nuñez has already proven himself to be an excellent teacher. Outside the classroom he is a bicyclist and book reader at heart and inside he is the man helping students develop a liking to English and better grasp on the subject.

“[How he teaches] is a lot better for me as a student,” Yarbrough said. “It is a change and it is a good one.”