“Not-So-Silent-Night” Vol.6 to complete your holiday collection


Tegan Farsnworth

Vol. six cover art by student Tegan Farnsworth.

Following the Dec. 14 Not-So-Silent-Night concert, the official sixth album was released on Spotify that same evening. The album consists of 14 songs that tie into one diverse mix. The album art is by students Tegan Farnsworth, Lorelei Brooks, and Solana Warren, both of which are all singers on the album. Volume six featured many talented musicians, four of which especially stood out.

Annalise Yenney, a senior featured on albums five and six, sang “We Will Rise,” an original song  by Joel Levin, and a piece that pulled at the heartstrings. The song is about coming together to rise against the conflict in the world, and was truly a wonderful song to throw into the mix of upbeat holiday music, keeping true to the spirit of the album. This hopeful song is one that can be listened to year-round.

Singing the classic holiday song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” by Bing Crosby, senior Sawyer Reeder nailed the classic sound. The music was clean and precise throughout the song, with harmonies that truly gave chills to those listening. The holiday song is kept alive through Reeder’s stellar singing. 

“It was the first time I had done a solo on the album, it was a cool experience,” Reeder said “It’s a lot more difficult than you’d think it is. But it was a lot of fun, it was a really great opportunity that I’m glad I had.”

It’s a lot more difficult than you’d think it is. But it was a lot of fun, it was a really great opportunity that I’m glad I had.

— Sawyer Reeder

Another singer on the album, Junior Elaine Paler, impressed us all with the studio recording version of Disney’s “My Song For You” by Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper. Not only was she a stand-out artist during the live performance of the song, she stood out in the album for her impressive vocal runs and the way those listening could hear her enthusiasm. 

A musician that mixed the classic, emotional, and enthusiastic themes is senior Marimar Ilias. She sang “Mary Did you Know?,” by Michael English. Her cover started out soft with emotional and rich notes. Toward the end, Ilias started projecting more dynamics and energy, ending the song with a lively and passionate tone. 

Top five from Vol.6 (Sierra Ruiz)

Along with the solo artistry talent, the Buena High School choir contributed three songs to the album; “Once Upon a December,” from the movie Anastasia, “Believe,” from the movie The Polar Express, and “Shalom Chaverim,” by Catherine Delanoy. Though all of the songs were spectacular, “Shalom Chaverim,” meaning goodbye and be safe my friends, was sung in Hebrew by the choir, making it an extremely special addition to the album.

Though only five pieces were mentioned, the entire album was outstanding and full of unique voices that gave listeners holiday spirit. The Not-So-Silent-Night albums have never failed to amaze its audience and is always something new each year. The variety in the albums, up until the most recent, has built an array of extremely enjoyable holiday music.