The Bulldogs soccer team was able to sneak past Ventura securing a 2-1 victory


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Buena Bulldogs celebrating the opening goal.

On a rainy January evening, the Buena Bulldogs and Ventura Cougars faced off in a highly-anticipated cross-town rivalry game. Coming off a four game wining streak the Bulldogs were ready to take the field against the Cougars, achieving a 2-1 victory. 

The Bulldogs knew this game would be a battle, but that it would also be fun. “This was a lot players first time in a Varsity Buena v. Ventura game meaning their was definitely some nerves in the locker room before the match. I think the win against ventura definitely put some of those nerves at ease for the rest of the season.” Coach Forrest Solis said. 

Off the first whistle both teams brought their all and were able to fend off each other, until the 12th minute when Angel Lopez scored a goal, propelling the Bulldogs to an early 1-0. 

“Scoring the first goal really gave us the idea that we can beat this team. It definitely gave us momentum, as we continued to put pressure on them,” Senior Angel Lopez said. 

While Buena had an early 1-0 lead, the Cougars knew they had to get the ball in the net, and that’s exactly what happened in the 20th when Senior Kanan Welch was able to put the Cougars on the scoreboard.

As a team we need to continue to work hard, and fight in every game to get the results we’re looking for.

— Angel Lopez

With 60 minutes left, and the game tied; the tensions were high, with 5 minutes left in the first half, Junior Vincent Mueller scored a goal giving the Bulldogs an advantage, and a one point lead. The remainder of the first half consisted of little action, but both teams driving towards the opposing net. 

Heading into halftime with the lead, the Bulldogs knew they had to stick to their game plan.  

“We knew at half time both teams had the capability to score which is why we had to battle to the last whistle to secure the win,” Junior Vincent Mueller said. 

The second half started  and the bulldogs put  on a tough defense, while they weren’t able to score again, they were able to keep Ventura from scoring which lead to the 2-1 Bulldog victory. 

The emotional game between the two cross-town rivals ended with the Bulldogs coming out on top and it was a win that the team will remember for years to come. 

“This match against Ventura was something we had to win, and it definitely gives us momentum going forward for our next game, and when we play them again.” Mueller said.