Interact Club hosts Hygiene Drive for campus hygiene closet


Interact Club

Interact club’s Hygiene Drive poster

As highschool students grow and gain independence, one thing is certain amongst the crowd. Young adults require hygiene products, yet students struggle to acquire these on their own. 

The Interact Club started a “Hygiene Drive” after being inspired by their rotary adviser, Ashley Pope, who told the club about Ventura High School’s “Hygiene Closet” in which students can take products they need anonymously.

Though the Buena hygiene closet has not been created yet, “We [the club] are currently working on setting up the logistics of the hygiene closet and a spot to house it,” said senior club President Malia Brown. 

The club is currently seeking as many donations as possible as there is no official ending date for collections. The club will accept donations in any hygiene category but are looking to gain more products in oral hygiene and feminine care. 

We are hoping to get as many donations as possible and continue to fundraise throughout the years to continue the hygiene closet at Buena,” Brown said. “We want this to be an ongoing thing at Buena.”

Student assistance counselor Matthew Lazansky has previously held small bags of hygiene products in his office for the students in need. The benefit of  Interact Club’s hygiene closet is that students will be able to access products they need through an anonymous system.

It is important that all students practice good hygiene and that we, as a community, do all that we can to support those in need.

— Matthew Lazansky

“It is important that all students practice good hygiene and that we, as a community, do all that we can to support those in need,” Lazansky said. “It is critical for their emotional and physical wellbeing.” 

An expert in the care of students’ physical and emotional wellbeing is school Nurse Jenn Cooke. 

“I like that they’re doing the drive. We have some resources up here [health office], of course,” Cooke said. “

We just need to make sure all items are stored properly.” 

Though the storage is an issue that needs to be worked out, staff and students have agreed that the implementation of the hygiene closet may positively impact the Buena campus. Donations can be dropped off in room 94 for donating students and staff. For those outside of Buena looking to donate, products can be dropped off at the Poinsettia Pavilion located at 3451 Foothill Rd.