Love is in the air: Valentines week at Buena


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ASB sets up hearts for everyone at buena to spread some love on Feb. 14

Julieta Garcia, Staff Writer

Buena prepared to spread love and kindness on campus, as Valentine’s day approached. ASB, German Club, and Unified Bulldogs ,put a smile on students’ faces Feb. 14. ASB started the day off with their crew setting up hearts, each with the name of a different student, on the Bulldog Nation wall, giving every student the opportunity to look for their heart and take it with them.

“I like making hearts because it’s nice seeing people search for their names and it’s a wholesome moment for Buena, ” senior Bailey Mosones said. 

Before the week of Valentines, the German club got ready for their Candy Gram fundraiser.  were able to purchase a candy or flower gram to send to someone they appreciate. The grams were sold during lunch for one week and were distributed On Valentine’s day during BARK to students. 

With the help of a fundraising committee, other ASB students were able to create the “Find the Bulldog heart” scavenger hunt that took through the morning and into lunch time. The students were to find six white, blue, and black paper hearts around campus and complete the sheet given. The winner that found all the hearts and completed the sheet was able to win a speaker or lego set. 

The Unified basketball game sparked some love on the court as the bulldog team hit the court for their second home game. Third period and bark teachers were able to sign up their class to watch them play and  support them as they played the Camarillo Scorpions. 

“The basketball game was so fun, it brought joy to my heart,” Nayomi Rochon said. 

Vincent Navarro scored 10 points, Kara Virs scored 8 points, Gavin Study scored 4 points, Jeffery Hall scored 6 points, Jaden Luong scored 6 points, Jesus Romero Camacho scored 4 points, Bon Peterson and Jesus Espino both scored 2 points each. Even through a loss, the bulldog crowd was cheerful and bright watching the game as it came to an end. Camarillo won 54-42. 

“Everyone gets a chance to play, seeing everyone happy and we are all supporting one another,” Heidi Garcilazo said.