Buena boys basketball cut ties with successful season


Sierra Ruiz

Coach Matthew Colton makes final cuts to the net and season during ceremony

Sierra Ruiz, Staff Writer

In March, the boys varsity basketball team won the CIF-State regional competition against Culver City with the score 81-78. Not long after, the team was eliminated from the competition but not before making Buena history being the only Buena basketball team ever to make it to the final round of state finals held in Sacramento.

These boys have done things nobody has ever done for Buena. We’re not a team, we’re a family. 

— Matthew Colton

Tuesday March 21, a rally was held during BARK to celebrate the season and have the team perform the ceremonial “cutting of the net,” an event that originated in the 1940s when it was common for fans to rush onto court after a big victory and tear down the basketball nets. The event has evolved to a much more intimate celebration in which players on the team each help by cutting a piece off of the net to keep as a memento and reminder of the hard work put in. The cutting of the net symbolizes the cutting of ties with the season. 

Students, staff, district staff, and parents attended. The boys team sat on the court in the gym and each player was individually introduced by teacher and coach, Matthew Colton. 

“These boys have done things nobody has ever done for Buena,” Colton said. “We’re not a team, we’re a family.” 

At the celebration, two slideshows were played in honor of the team. The first recognized the achievements of outstanding players and their average game statistics including Zane Carter, Colin Guenther, Daniel Ortiz, and Luke Ortiz. The second was a compilation of the boys’ play time and the emotional last seconds of the game in which the team triumphed over the Culver City players. 

“I loved watching the boys play, they always give 100 percent,” teacher Paula Nofziger said. “No matter if the game is league or championships, they have always given 100 percent.” 

The team was awarded with two plaques before the net came down. The first of which was the Southern regional victory plaque and the second being the State plaque. The next event was the cutting of the net. Player Devon Stromme – kicked off the cutting, resulting in loud cheers from the crowd. After each player had played their respective part, Colton finished cutting the net; A final goodbye to the 2022/23 season. 

“It was a great event, it was exciting to be at,” said senior Kendra Ruiz-Beccera. “I honestly didn’t think about basketball too much before, but I’m happy to see that they worked so hard and have so many supporters.”