Multi-sport athlete Colin Guenther leaves his mark at Buena

Montserrat Garibay, Staff Writer

Whether he is sprinting down the track, jumping over hurdles, reaching the end zone,  or hitting a distanced three, senior Colin Guenther can do it all. Despite not expecting to accomplish what he has, Guenther has managed to leave his mark at Buena from his kind personality and key involvement in three sports. 

Before entering high school, Guenther had only played basketball. However, over the course of his high school career, Guenther has contributed to three different sport programs at Buena. Playing football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and competing in track and field during the spring. Being a part of multiple sports is “a lot of work, and oftentimes hard to balance school,” Guenther said.

“I’ve always wanted to do as much as I can. Knowing I can have my name being mentioned all three seasons during school feels good and I like representing Buena,” Guenther said. 

Sporting the number 11 jersey in both basketball and football, Guenther has proven to be a “phenomenal,” athlete according to his government teacher Aaron Torres. If given the option to play only one of the three sports for the rest of his life Guenther would choose basketball. 

The Buena varsity basketball team accomplished an exceptional season, making Buena the first public school in Ventura County to win a CIF State Southern California regional title. The team made its way up to state championships, facing off against Oakland High at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA. 

He embodies what it means to be a student-athlete. He is coachable as an athlete and teachable as a student.

— Aaron Torres

Aside from football and basketball, Guenther excels in the track. After an incredible season, Guenther finished his track season as the 2023 110 hurdles league champion.

“I’ve seen the kid kill the hurdles, he can jump, and run fast,” Torres said. “Colin Guenther can do it all.” 

Guenther was recently recognized as the first Buena student athlete named All CIF_SS 1st or 2nd Team or Qualified for CIF-SS Prelims Finals in 3 different sports while at Buena. 

Apart from his remarkable athleticism, Guenther has also managed to rank in the top 10 of his class. His favorite subject is anything related to English as he enjoys writing. He plans on staying in California for college and wants to do something relating to economics or statistics. 

“Guenther is someone who can articulate his thoughts, can argue, and is super intelligent,” Torres said. “He embodies what it means to be a student-athlete. He is coachable as an athlete and teachable as a student.”

As his final high school year approaches its end, Guenther feels sad at times knowing he is going to leave the Buena campus soon. He plans on spending his last few months interacting with new groups of people and working on being a great person

Camden Walker, Guenther’s best friend, describes him as someone who puts his best foot forward in everything he does.

“He’s always looking out for other people, for his friends, he’s always putting in extra work,” Walker said.