Immigrant Son Cafe Comes to Ventura


Immigrant son cafe is a new addition to the community serving up a variety of brunch items from breakfast lasagna to customized cappuccinos. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Ventura, the cafe serves as an Italian-American food locale with a classy yet family friendly environment.

The cafe is open for business from 7 am to 2 pm daily, offering a variety of menu items such as eggs benedict, french omelettes, and morning carbonara. The cafe specializes primarily in brunch food dishes although they offer a variety of cold cut sandwiches. The prices are relatively average ranging from about $8 to $15 per entree. The friendly staff are sure to greet you with a smile as you are welcomed in.

During my visit I encountered friendly staff members, delicious food, and a relaxing environment. The service at Immigrant son is quick and efficient to ensure you receive your food in a timely matter. I ordered the farmers market frittata which I found to be freshly made with a variety of vegetables and perfectly cooked. I also ordered a cappuccino which was made and served with perfection by the barista at Immigrant son.

They prioritize presentation and customer experience at the cafe by ensuring that all guests are happy and satisfied with their experience. Owner Alessandro Tromba named the restaurant after a childhood nickname given to him by his father Giovanni Tromba who immigrated to America from Italy in the 1960s.

The cafe has inside seating, bar seating, and a patio up front for guests looking to enjoy the downtown scenery during their visit. While the restaurant is relatively small in terms of square footage, the layout still seems open and spacious. The cafe is beautifully designed and decorated throughout. There is an array of photo decor around the cafe including vintage Italian posters and photos dating back to Tromba’s teenage years.