Students enjoy Downtown Ventura as Businesses Move Outside Amind COVID-19


Restaurants outdoor seating followed by the Ventura Health safety guidelines, taken by Jannine Lozano on Sep. 30.

Jannine Lozano, Staff Writer

Ventura has resorted to a new form of dine-in and shopping due to the COVID-19 closure, with the city issuing its “Main Street Moves” to support local businesses.  

There have been some cautionary measures in place aside from the block’s closure, such as wearing masks throughout the facility. According to the CDC guidelines, people must wear a mask or face covering in any indoor public place, while outdoors in public areas, and a distance of six feet from members not of the same household. 

“Main Street Moves” was made with the intention to save downtown businesses and restaurants who have been struggling to exist amid quarantine. With the program, many restaurants have opened outdoor dining. Some restrictions for employees include required use of face coverings, training, self-health checks such as temperature and symptom screenings, and the disinfection of every customer used product.

Senior Hannah Garrison mentions how she makes frequent visits to one of her favorite restaurants downtown called Busy Bee Cafe. “I’ve been going there with my family since I was three… we’re friends with the owner and the people there are nice and welcoming,” Garrison said.

“Main Street Moves” was made with the intention to save downtown businesses and restaurants who have been struggling to exist amid quarantine.”

In the beginning of COVID-19 shut downs,  it is expected that customers will have mixed feelings towards these new changes. “For the most part I do feel safe walking around restaurants with my mask on,” Garrison said. “But part of me feels a little unsafe when I see small groups of people walking around with no masks on.” However, Garrison thinks it’s great that restaurants and shops have reopened.“Businesses were not doing good at all during the COVID-19 closure…and I’m glad that we’re able to open with a lot of restrictions to keep people safe.” Garrison said.

Downtown also has multiple stores, many of them being second-hand businesses. Senior Trinity Hodgins enjoys shopping at thrift stores with her friends, as well as smoothies from a mexican restaurant called Taqueria Vallarta. “I think that it’s very smart, I think it’s a good thing that they’re adapting to a new lifestyle that everyone’s being forced to live with, ” Hodgins said. “Everyone is wearing a mask…the workers included, so I think that everyone is being as safe as they could be.”

“Main Street Moves” has created a new outlet where many can now shop or eat with safety as a priority for everyone.