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Jaclyn Crone studying for the stressful finals that are coming up.

VIEWPOINT: Finals after the exhausting pandemic?

Jaclyn Crone, Staff Writer January 27, 2022

Since the school shut down in March 2020, after our first or second finals, the students who were freshman at the start of lockdown are now juniors, who have experienced the traditional act of taking finals...

Alison Cunningham working on her article layout for her stressful final.

VIEWPOINT: Omicron variant spreads like a wildfire, making distance learning look better than ever before

Tatiana Hernandez, Staff Writer January 26, 2022

As the Ventura school district returns from winter break during a surge in COVID transmissions, other school districts are trying to stop the spread of the highly contagious virus by closing schools. School...

One of Buenas janitorial staff members, Mario Velez.  is one of the many staff member who are forced to pick up excessive litter let behind by students.

VIEWPOINT: The littering issue on campus reaches breaking point

Sedona Brickley, Section Editor January 25, 2022

Naturally, Buena’s campus is where staff members and students spend a large portion of their time. Wouldn’t this be a good reason to ensure campus is a clean environment? This year at school, litter...

With so many things going on at one time, its easy to feel overwhelmed and to overlook the importance of your mental heatlh.

VIEWPOINT: The connection between students’ mental health and school

Sedona Brickley, Section Editor January 5, 2022

School’s main purpose is to educate students, meanwhile providing them a place to ensure their well-being, and help to gain social skills.  However, with mental health struggles, it is extremely difficult...

Another tragedy and another life taken. How many more lives have to suffer before we see change?

Gun violence in schools, why haven’t we seen change

Zyanya Garcia, Staff Writer December 30, 2021

More blood has spilled and more hands have been stained. Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan will forever reside within a haunting fog of violence, all while carrying four now empty desks. This...

Make sure you stay on track because deadlines will arrive sooner than expected.

College application season, the most stressful time of year simplified

Sedona Brickley, Section Editor November 21, 2021

’Tis the season when the weather has begun to cool down and the joy of the holiday season is present as the promises of reuniting with friends and family near.  However, this is at the exception of...

More and more womens sports teams are beginning to challenge the dress codes. The Norwegian womens handball team is one of many instances where uniform norms and regulations are being protested against. The result of this act marks great progressive movement in the sports world.

What’s wrong with shorts?

Zyanya Garcia, Staff Writer November 4, 2021

It was July 19, 2021 when an official statement was released saying that the Norwegian Women’s Handball team was being fined for wearing elastic shorts instead of bikini bottoms. This is a problem that...

For parents, new apps and technology are developed to watch over their teen children, offering reassurance that their children are safe. However, some teens believe this to be too invasive and offers little independence.

Are parents overstepping teen’s boundaries?

Jannine Lozano, Section Editor May 21, 2021

It is not too uncommon for teens to get annoyed with their parents, but it could be because parents are constantly overstepping your boundaries. Many teens experience the frustration of modern day technology...

Many of the true crime shows we watch today have been around for years, and were made for the purpose of viewer interaction.

True Crime should not be viewed as pure entertainment.

Sedona Brickley, Staff Writer May 10, 2021

Dateline, 20/20, Forensic Files, and Unsolved Mysteries. All of these shows have something in common: they inform audiences about previous or current major crimes including homicides and disappearances.  Such...

A village home in Nepal which advocates the end of child labor.

The shocking realities of fast fashion

Jannine Lozano, Section Editor April 27, 2021

Many people often do not give a second thought to who produced the clothing when purchasing a piece from a brand. From shopping for the latest trends to the basic “essentials” to add to ones wardrobe,...

What you do in the morning is a game changer.

What you do in the morning is a game changer.

Sedona Brickley, Writer's Staff April 19, 2021

Morning routines have been reevaluated over the last year with people around the globe  quarantined inside their homes. With this change, some people grasped onto these routines, perfecting them until...

Many students when put into breakout rooms are left ignored in silence. such as the person on the left.

Breakout rooms: Are they really productive?

Galilea Velasco, Section Editor March 29, 2021

Through teachers' efforts to keep social interaction and collaboration, even through distance learning, students are put into groups on Zoom known as breakout rooms, but unfortunately they are not always...

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