Aidan Kelly begins first year teaching during distance learning

Buena Adds a New Addition to the Bulldog Staff


Submitted by Kelly Aidan

Kelly Aidan at Sequoia National Park standing next to a fallen tree which used to stand at 270 feet.

Viviana Avila, Staff Writer

Kelly Aidan is a new addition to the Buena teaching staff for the 2020-2021 school year. She is a first year teacher and is currently teaching freshman biology. 

“I love working here,” Aidan said. “The teachers I have met so far have been very friendly and I am really enjoying the greenery and art on campus as well.”

Aidan explained that distance learning has made the teaching experience a bit different than what she had planned for, but Buena is a perfect fit for Aidan.

 “I have heard many great things about Buena and how professional and helpful the administration is,” Aidan said. Aidan grew up in Ventura County and always knew that she wanted to pursue a career within the community.

I love working here. The teachers I have met so far have been very friendly and I am really enjoying the greenery and art on campus as well.””

— Aidan Kelly

Before deciding to become a teacher, she went to college where she studied to be a Veterinarian. Aidan dreamed of being a veterinarian when she was younger, and got her Bachelor’s degree in animal science. After working at a veterinary hospital for three years, she realized it was not for her.

So, she decided to explore other career paths and thought that teaching would be a better fit for her. She attended California State University Channel Islands Channel Islands where where she earned her teaching credential. If teaching did not go as planned after leaving the veterinary field, she said that she would seek out resource management and conservation biology work.

Outside of her life in school Aidan enjoys spending time outdoors and being active. “I believe I’m solar powered,” Aidan said.

She plays beach volleyball, likes to hike, backpack, surf, and go rock climbing. “I balance all that activity out with my love for baking [and] cooking delicious foods,” Aidan said.

 Aidan admits she is not perfect; one of her biggest weaknesses is trying to be perfect and avoid making mistakes which she claims to be “silly” because that is impossible. “I will spend too much time trying to perfect most of what I do and I need to remind myself to relax,” Aidan said.

Despite her weakness, her strengths include having a strong work ethic, being self-reflective person, and naturally optimistic, which she is thankful for. These strengths are ideal for teachers, and will benefit Aidan in her first year of teaching and many more to come.