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Viviana Avila is a freshman and is currently taking her first year of journalism. During her free time she likes painting, dancing, writing, listening to music and studying ethics. After high school she hopes to attend a four year college then go to graduate school and study law to hopefully pursue a career as a lawyer. As determined as she is to reach her goals, sometimes she does feel like quitting. I'd be lying if I said that she is always on task and working hard. She does procrastinate, she does get lazy, and she does fail at times. But it is all part of human nature. Sometimes she finds it hard to stay on task and can find herself feeling overwhelmed and stressed. One of her biggest fears had always been that she wouldn't reach her desired goals because of her bad habits of procrastinating and not being responsible. At some point she had completely given up and lost all hope. It wasn't until she started living by the phrase "Everyday is a new day to start over" that she realized that if she wanted to turn her life around, it wasn't too late yet, because it is never too late for a new beginning. She hopes to continue to live by this phrase everyday until the day she reaches her goals.

Viviana Avila, Staff Writer

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Viviana Avila