Students Return: A guide to navigating campus


Photo by Faith Stewart

Photo of the quad area of Buena, best known as the Orange Peel. The quad has earn this nickname due to the stage structure off to the right, which resembles an orange peel.

Faith Stewart, Editor-in-Chief

Buena’s Juniors and Seniors have not stepped foot on campus since March 2020, freshmen might have never seen their own classrooms before. This will all change when student’s return to campus for hybrid learning April 12. This guide is made for students who are in need of a tour of the campus for this quickly approaching day.

On the intersection of Telegraph Road, students can see the LED sign which welcomes students to campus.

Photo by Faith Stewart

Students, while following the sidewalk into campus, can choose to head left. This path will lead towards the different wings on campus along with the library. If students choose to continue to go straight, this path will lead to the quad, cafeteria, and auditorium. All three of locations places will be discussed later on.

The first wing which students will see is Wing A, which houses the English classrooms. As you can see, the wing is not only labeled with a letter but a number as well. For wing A, you will see classrooms number 11-15. Wing A also has another set of classrooms on the other side of this building, which will have classrooms number 21-24.

Photo by Faith Stewart

As you continue down, you will see wings B through D on the left. You will also notice how each wing, like Wing A, will be labeled and have a set of numbers indicting a classroom.

Photo by Faith Stewart

Wing B from 31 to 35 holds some English classes. The other side of wing B, 41-44, holds math classes. Math classes can also be found in all of Wing C. Wing D, on the other hand, is most known for being home to the computer science classrooms.

At wing D, you will be facing Wing I as well as Amy’s Garden; the school garden.

Wing I are classrooms 86 through 89, which houses a variety of subjects. Next to Amy’s Garden, you will see Wing H, which houses rooms 151 through 159. This wing is known most for being the location for wood shop and metal shop.

Graphic by Faith Stewart

The side opposite of wing H is wing F, also known as the science wing. Classroom numbers 121-125 and 111-114 houses notorious science teachers like Michael Yorke and Cody Foster.

When you walk down the hall by classroom 114 or 111, you will walk past Wing E. This wing is most known for being the language and history department. Classrooms 91 to 96 will have language learning while 101 to 107 has history.

Across from wing E with classroom 91 to 96, students can go to the attendance office as well as visit the nurse for health-related concerns if needed.

During break or lunch, students can sit and relax almost anywhere on campus. One of the most popular spots on campus is the quad area, also known as the Orange Peel.

If students have lunches provided by the school, going to the quad is the fastest way to get in line to the cafeteria. In the past, students would try to get in line as soon as possible to shorten the wait. In short, the sooner you leave class for lunch, the faster you will be able to get your meal.

Across from the cafeteria, you will see the gymnasium and the entrance to the boys locker room.

Across from the boys locker room, students will see the circle parking lot. Most students will probably be familiar with this area due to past class material pick-ups. However, for future reference, parents can also take advantage of this area by quickly dropping off students. This area is also used for school bus pick-ups and drop-offs.

For the girls locker room, female students will need to go to the opposite side of the gymnasium. There, female students will find a long stretch of sidewalk which leads to wings G and J as well as the girls locker room.

Wings G is best known for being home of the cooking classroom, art classroom, and the college and career center, meanwhile wing J is known for being resource classrooms.

There are still many parts of campus to explore, which includes the library, the auditorium, the student parking lot, and the office entrance. 

The library, which can be found by wing A, is closed for indoor activities. However, students can still sit underneath the trees surrounding the area and sit on stone ledges.

The auditorium is only used for school assemblies and plays. Most of the time, students will only need to go to this area if they are part of the music or drama department. Both departments can be found adjacent to the auditorium. The best way to remember where to find it is by remembering its location being by the circle parking lot and towards the side of the cafeteria.

The student parking lot is where students who drive can park their cars for the day. This large parking space is right next to the circle parking lot. Beyond the student parking, is the football stadium.

Finally, the administration office is located at the center of campus, and has multiple entry points. The most notable points of entry are to enter through the attendance office, the quad, or the front entrance by the auditorium. However, it is highly encouraged to use the entrance by the auditorium.

It is highly recommended that students, who are unfamiliar with campus, print their own copy of the campus map and mark where their classes are. Students can find campus maps online or ask a teacher to email a copy. Most importantly, if students are lost on campus, students can ask any staff or student for directions. It’s a big campus out there, so get all the help you can!