CAASPP state testing reinstated after previous cancellation


Custom image made by Kevin Cox

CAASPP testing has made a return to VUSD after originally being cancelled.

After being canceled and rescheduled, the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)  is back and is mandatory for juniors and some senior May 17-20.

The test was originally canceled because the district was under the impression that the CAASPP assessment was going to be waived at the state level, but due to VUSD not being able to meet the requirements for cancellation, it was reinstated across all VUSD schools.

The test was waived, but only under conditions that the VUSD could not meet,” assistant principal Frank Davis said. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students and teachers were stuck behind computer monitors for ¾ of the school year causing the expectation for the overall test scores to be affected negatively. 

“Due to distance learning and the pandemic, that test results may not be comparable to results from years past,” Davis said. Distance learning caused class days to be cut in half, causing us to have slower progression compared to pre-pandemic, it takes two whole school days to complete all six classes when it only took us one day to complete all six classes in the previous years.

All students will take the test from home and will not attend their regularly scheduled classes. Students will be placed in project lists for attendance purposes on the day the test is taken. 

The CAASPP focuses on English, Mathematics, and Science. The test will not affect the students’ grade point average, the purpose of the test is to assess how students are learning and growing in their current courses. The overall scores will be analyzed by the state and will be used to determine the skills of students and the difficulty of the current courses.

May 19-20 are the designated days for Juniors to take the exam, you must have a school-supplied chromebook in order to take the exam. If students do not have a chromebook, it is advised they acquire one by visiting the school library and picking one up. If a student wishes to opt out of the exam, they must have a parent or guardian email Jennifer Trone.