March Madness spirit week hits the mark


Julieta Garcia

March Madness spirit week poster.

Julieta Garcia, Staff writer

Buena ASB dedicated a full week to March Madness for students to show their school spirit from March 14 to March 18.

Senior William Boyd expressed his joy for spirit week, “I like dressing up and seeing other people dress in ways we usually don’t see them dressed up in.” 

Mon. March 14 was blue versus black, and many people choose to wear black from one of the colors they had in their wardrobe. The rest of the school was blue, Buena had many participating in the first day of spirit week. During lunch, ASB gave out chocolate coins to start off the week with a little gold magic. 

It seems there is always a hero and a villain which is why. Tues, March 15 was heroes versus villains.  people dressed up and wore shirts of the hero and villains. The ASB activity during lunch was water balloon toss in the quad. Buena students tossed them in the air while they landed in the hands of their partners or on the floor. 

Wed. March 16 was basketball versus baseball one of the most participated days in spirit week. Many people choose baseball as a popular opinion. To keep the March madness spirit going on campus ASB provided a photo booth for all students to use as a march madness activity. 

St Patrick’s Day, March 17, Buena was surrounded by green. The activity for the day was an st. Patrick’s scavenger hunt for all students. ASB hid 100 coins for students to find all around campus, each coin was numbered by the prizes that students could earn by finding the coins. Many students enjoyed the activities that were organized by ASB. 

To end the week March 18 was country versus coast. Many people dress up for the country in their cowboy hats and boots. Some people also dressed up with Hawaiian shirts and flower lays. ASB’s last activity for the week was a coin toss. 

March Madness spirit week was a successful week of fun for all students. 

“ I think the best part was the scavenger hunt because it’s something new that we haven’t done,” ASB president senior Ella Hass said.