PHOTO STORY: Choir showcase returns to stage after two years of stillness

Choir returns with their 7th Buena High School Vocal Showcase.

The Buena High School Choir held their end-of-the-year vocal showcase Friday, June 10, 2022 at 6 p.m. at Buena High School in the Dr. A.W. McConnell Auditorium. The show lasted until 7:30 p.m. and consisted of 16 performances.

The choir class has not had a chance to hold their vocal showcase since 2019 and choir teacher Kevin Downey is more than happy to see his students shine. Compared to August, he notes that the students have come a long way since their first attempted harmonies. “As a teacher, that to me is the biggest thing, to see their growth and learning and it is a journey. We were always trying to get better so giving them an opportunity like this is really important,” Downey said.

While there was concern for choir’s ability to run again next year, Downey, who also teaches English and History, explains that it is likely the class will continue to run after he decided to add an extra class to his teaching schedule. All in all, choir this year ended with renewed hopes and determination. “I would love to see the kids come back and keep making progress. I would like to keep going with our CD project and seeing if we can make more progress in getting more kids in the school involved as well,” Downey said.