Buena students, administrators on new dress code


New dress code guidelines include no backless and strapless tops as well as no bralettes as tops, in comparison to last years “no midriff” rule

Sierra Ruiz, Staff Writer

With the new 2022-2023 school year comes a new dress code. The new dress code rules add two new rules: “Strapless and backless tops are not permitted,” and “Sports bras or bralettes may not be worn as tops.” Some students find this code reasonable, while others think these new rules are an overreach of authority by administration. 

Some of the female students at Buena argue that the new dress code is sexist.

“I would ask the administration why they are treating people differently based on their bodily anatomy when we could be treating everyone the same,” sophomore Rey Brookes said.  “We [students] do not understand what made them [the administration] decide to do this.” 

Brookes feels they will not personally be affected, but they feel strongly for the girls who will be and currently are. “I can imagine the girls that choose to wear the clothes [code violation attire] are frustrated right now,” Brookes said.

Senior Avelina Aparicio feels she is one of the students that will be affected. Aparicio feels the new dress code is “unfair and unreasonable.”

“I think it is stupid that we are fighting the whole shoulder dilemma and that we still are not allowed to wear strapless tops even though there is nothing wrong with them,” Aparicio said.

Aparicio views the general student reaction as “negative”, but sees potential behind the administration’s new implementation of the dress code. “I understand they[the administration] are trying to keep us safe and appropriate,” Aparicio said. “But what is there to keep us safe from?” Aparicio said, leaving students with more questions than answers. 

I think it is possible to find an outfit you look good in and feel good in but that meets the norms and boundaries of the environment you’re going to,

— Audrey Asplund

According to Buena Principal Asplund, the goal is to “create an academic environment and to prepare Buena’s students for the real world as they grow into young adults,” Asplund said. “The reality is if a male student wore a bra or a strapless top, we would dress code them, but many of our male students do not dress like that,” Asplund said. 

In the 2021-2022 school year, the administrative staff asked 30 random students for their opinion on the dress code and other school matters. According to the administration, many of the students interviewed said they felt the dress code was too lenient. 

While some students feel that clothes do not directly affect their education, Asplund had some counterpoints. “I do think that from a student perspective, if they are only concerned about their clothing, it can be a distraction from learning,” Asplund said.  “I think it is possible to find an outfit you look good in and feel good in but that meets the norms and boundaries of the environment you’re going to.”

Buena students are now beginning to adjust to the new norms of the 2022-2023 school year. “I think we [the administration] are not heavy-handed with the enforcement. It helped the transition go smoother,” Asplund said. “I do not want people to feel attacked or judged, or that they are being singled out.”

Buena students have started making the adjustment to the new rules while administration works harder to create an academic environment that makes all feel comfortable. Through views differ from student and staff, the general idea is to create a safe learning environment for everyone.