Knowledge Bowl 2023: the brains behind the bronze


Andrew Coates

[Named left to right] Seniors Shawn Coyner, Quincy Strange, Peggy Thompson, and Hans Yuhr in competition

Sierra Ruiz, Staff Writer

The Knowledge Bowl team finished in third place with a final record of nine wins, two losses, and one tie against St. Bonaventure. The tie was credited as a significant accomplishment for the team, along with their biggest victory of the season against La Reina with a score of 310 to 110. 

Knowledge Bowl coach and English teacher, Andrew Coates, shared insights into the team’s season in an email interview. “The highlight for me was winning all five games that we had at Buena, including against some really tough teams,” Coates said. “It was really cool to have so many Buena teachers, parents, and administrators show up to watch and cheer on the team.” 

Senior team member Peggy Thompson who was a part of the team for the first time credited the tie with the St. Bonaventure team as the “big accomplishment.” 

“It was a good season, it was my first year and I did not know what to expect. It was fun getting to know the team,” Thompson said. “I would say the season was competitive, camaraderie, and intelligent.”

Junior Michael Ramirez, who has been part of the Knowledge Bowl team for two years, recalled the previous season and mentioned how he felt that other schools “stepped up their game,” leading into this year after observing Buena’s winning streak. 

“I feel that our range of knowledge was different and we had gaps in our knowledge and those were harder to manage,” Ramirez said.

For students looking to bridge gaps in knowledge and build a strong team, Ramirez recommends joining the Knowledge Bowl. “Especially AP students so there is a wider net of knowledge. I would tell them that practices are always fun and there’s a sense of enjoyment in them,” Ramirez said.