Winter sports rally: postponed but not cancelled


Winter sports rally postponed because of COVID-19 uprise. Art by Brooklyn Carrillo

Brooklyn Carrillo, section editor

The recent uprising of COVID-19 has caused dilemmas for events that were previously planned for Jan., such as the News Years Bash, and has also affected the annual winter sports rally which will be postponed until the end of Feb. and beginning of March.

Just over a month ago, the fall sports rally took place during B.A.R.K Dec. 15. With the Omnicron  of COVID-19 surgethe winter sports rally is one more event that has been affected by COVID-19, having been postponed instead of taking place Jan. 21 as originally planned. 

 “What makes sense to me at this point is to do an end of winter celebration,” ASB adviser Madeleine Wilkowske said. “We just did that, [with the] fall sport celebration [which was] at the end of the season and I really liked how that ended up.”  

Since the rally will still be held outside, there will not be a limit of how many Varsity players can go up to the ‘orange peel’ per team to be recognized. All B.A.R.K classes will be leaving their classrooms to watch. As of now it is unknown if masks will be required despite it being outside. 

While the date of the rally has been moved, the format of the rally will be similar to the  fall. Athletes will go up, receive a medal and a piece of candy.  Coaches will also still be giving a small speech about the season as well as being acknowledged themselves. While some modifications may be made, such as ASB students wearing gloves and the athletes being handed their medals instead of ASB placing the medals around athletes  necks. 

“I want to keep it all the same so that all of the athletes get the same reward and same recognition as the fall sports,” Wilkowske said.