Casting calls under the sea underway, Buena students, staff participate


Jaclyn Crone, Staff Writer

SpongeBob the musical is being put on this spring by the Buena Drama class. Auditions started Jan. 31 with call backs Feb. 2 by Feb. 3 all 26 roles in the play were filled with the exception of Larry the Lobster, being determined later on.  Opening night  is April 21 at 7p.m. Tickets will go on sale in March online at and will be 10 dollars for adults, seven dollars for students of all ages, and five dollars for kids ages 10 and younger. 

The drama teacher Karen Rodriguez is ready to have fun and bring in a fun authentic show to students of all ages, and deliver a message to all those who come and watch the show. 

“I’m really hoping that the message of sticking together, creating community and believing in yourself will come across,” Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez wants this show to be different compared to other productions from the Drama department and would like to surprise everyone watching this musical. The reason Rodriguez chose this show is because she saw that any gender can play any role. As there are more females who auditioned, this will make for less complicated casting.  

You have to be very dedicated to something that involves a lot of commitment,

— Roselyn Vera

A surprise performer in this play is Buena’s very own history teacher, Michael Gianelli, who will play the electric skates and Patchy the Pirate. He believes that there will be a lot of funny moments, with laughter from the audience. 

“Even though I’m nervous. I’m excited to do it,” Gianelli said. 

Rodriguez is especially excited for the musical since most students are new to the scene of musical theater but excited nonetheless. The role of Pearl Krabs is played by junior Roselyn Vera who is really excited as well as nervous. 

Vera is taking a chance in stepping outside of her comfort zone for this performance. She is hoping to come out of this show with connections to others and a new found confidence. 

“You have to be very dedicated to something that involves a lot of commitment,” Vera said.

Rodriguez, is working hard to put on this play and has gone as far as to recruit the dance coach Madeleine Wilkowske. Wilkowske is hoping for the dance team a new perspective on what dance is about if they choose to  pursue a career in dance. All around she wants her dance team to have fun for this musical. 

“I’m hoping it gives them some insight into the other possibilities that dance can provide,” Wilkowske said.

She decided to have the dance team be a part of two major music numbers. Thinking that it would be easier on Rodriguez than having people try out to be background dancers. “We’re bringing on the dance team for more complicated dancing,” Wilkowske said. 

Wilkowske would enjoy having the dance team in future performances for drama. In hopes to have a collaboration with everyone in the music association along with drama and her dance team like James Rumenapp for musical numbers and Kevin Downey to help with singing and songwriting. 

“I’m hoping that this is the first of many times that we will get that collaboration,” Wilkowske said.