Buena stomps on Oxnard Yellow Jackets, takes no stings in homecoming game


Julieta Garcia

With 6:40 left in the first quarter, Senior Colin Gunther keeps his eyes open as Buena has the ball to continue with a touchdown.

Luc Ross, Staff Writer

Buena’s varsity football team prepared for their homecoming game Sept. 23 against the Oxnard Yellow Jackets. They went into the game with high hopes, having come off three straight wins on the road but knew there would still be a challenge.

“We knew that it was going to be our toughest league game that we have had,” Head Coach Ryan Bolland said. “But it does not matter what you think before the game until you actually get onto the field.”

The Yellow Jackets, who had been on a three game losing streak, received the kickoff from Buena to begin the game. 

Oxnard’s opening drive was put to rest quickly after Buena forced them to punt at midfield. This would begin Buena’s first quarter onslaught of offense. 

After only having the ball for a few plays, Quarterback Zane Carter slung a long touchdown pass to open the scoring at 7-0.

Oxnard was forced to punt shortly after, courtesy of a strong Buena defense and the Bulldogs capitalized off of this, scoring another long touchdown and making it 14-0.

After a few drives had passed in the first quarter, Buena worked up the field and eventually scored a 1 yard touchdown, extending their first quarter lead to 21-0.

The student section, which was filled to the brim with Buena students decked out with bright neon colors, were loving the Bulldogs’ first quarter blowout and were full of energy.

“It was loud, I did not expect the crowd to be like that before the game,” Freshman Joseph Beccera, who was a part of the student section, said. “Everyone was excited, we were having fun and we felt like the game was already being decided.”

This exciting first quarter would come to a pause in the second quarter as neither team would muster a point. 

At halftime, the Bulldogs were shutting out the Yellow Jackets with a score of 21-0. This kind of defense from Buena has been a common theme as they had only allowed an average of 11 points per game in their previous three games against Dos Pueblos, Channel Islands, and San Marcos.

“We knew that it was going to be our toughest league game that we have had, but it does not matter what you think before the game until you actually get onto the field.”

— Ryan Bolland, Head Coach

Coach Bolland ties this kind of defense to a strong offense. “The defense gives confidence,” Bolland said. “The defense playing well really gives the offense the motivation to try their hardest.”

The third quarter showed another scoreless quarter for Buena. The Yellow Jackets, however, were able to put together a drive, capping it off with a 22 yard rushing touchdown.

After missing the extra point, the Yellow Jackets trailed Buena 6-21 going into the fourth and final quarter.

To begin the fourth, Oxnard flipped the momentum on its head by getting a 56 yard passing touchdown. They ended up missing the extra point yet again, which would keep the game at a two possession game 21-12 Buena lead.

With time running down in the game, Oxnard had the ball and the momentum, but they still needed two scores to be fully back in the game. 

With the ball on the Yellow Jackets’ own 18 yard line, the Bulldogs caught a clutch interception and returned it to the endzone for a pick-six, putting the game away with a 28-12 lead in the closing seconds.

“We were happy with the win,” Bolland said. “But our mindset is always looking at our next game and preparing for it.”